Part of the Andijan population protesting against the Uzbek government in May 2005 found refuge in Kyrgyzstan, near the town of Suzak in the Osh region. Declared terrorists by the authorities and accused of actions against the Uzbek government, they incur the death penalty. Some of them managed to break through the Kyrgyz border to take refuge with their « brothers ». The refugees, or rather the « survivors » of Suzak were born! I was living in Kyrgyzstan at that time and I went to the places where under the tents there were mostly women and children. The tension was high because the hastily mounted camp was 800 meters from the border area. People were scared and feared to be taken back to the other side. All feared « the blunder », because the camp was framed by young recruits, soldiers nervous and inexperienced for this kind of situation. Kyrgyzstan, Suzak, Osh province. May, 2005