Street children in Shaykhontohur district

Stories like many others, street children exist everywhere, even in Uzbekistan! In Shaykhontohur district, Tashkent authorities do not want to talk about this problem, the city is beautiful in its history and the image of street children in the capital, should not scare tourism.
Most of these children are not from Uzbek nationalities. They are Russians, Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Tajik or Turkmen. They stay together, live in the same neighborhoods, share the same pains.
These images were made around the Koukeldach Mosque and the Dzhuma Madrassa. In this environment, there is also another population on the street. They are single women with their children, who day after day are waiting for donations and Muslim generosity. A positive thing for these families without men, the Muslims are generous and do not ignore them.