Journée Int. des Migrants

Meeting from december 18 to January 28, 2021, in Vake Park in Tbilisi, Georgia.

December 18 marks International Migrants Day, which is particularly commemorated this year due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Whether motivated by economic or security considerations or by the desire to join a family, migration is an integral part of human history. Far from presenting only a dark side of our society, migration has always enriched sedentary populations through their cultural and social contribution and their role in the economy. With environmental and economic conditions becoming very worrying in recent years, migration has become even more difficult and the level of complexity for NGOs responsible for accompanying migrants has worsened.

Through a testimony in photos on the life of these Greek inhabitants of Georgian origin, I wanted to bring my modest participation to this international day, so that we do not forget the journey of these people torn between two worlds, that we can restore all their respectability to these families and break down the prejudices against those who cross our borders simply to live.

In a world in perpetual upheaval, at the time of « infobesity » testifying is always a crucial element intended to provide elements of synthesis to the greatest number, so that we can form our own idea. Unfortunately the work of reporters is always more difficult and less and less supported. I want to thank the IOM for its support and commitment to migrants.

Covid-19 Faces of migration pictures